Claudia Lockhart shed photo_optIt's hard to find someone who doesn't love to pick flowers. People of all ages enjoy it and children especially love it. I have families who come year after year and picking flowers is part of their summer traditions. Read the testimonials page to get a feel for how much people love the upick. 

rudbeckia, phlox, blue bench 2012Flowers are marked by the row and in the self service shed you will find recycled jars and jugs full of water that you are welcome to take home with you. I also have  a supply of flower preservative for you to use--put a scoop in your water to keep your flowers happy. There are also scissors and notepads/pencils for you to keep track of what you pick. Most stems are priced between 20 and 30 cents each--with some costing less (lavender is 5 cents a stem) and some costing more (peonies are $1.25.) There is an honor system money box in the shed and a box to make change. You are welcome to leave a check as well made out to Omena Cut Flowers.

Large bouquet, created June 14, 2013

Large bouquet, created June 14, 2013

I am not always in the garden--I work four days a week as the communications director for the Leelanau Conservancy, but there are instructions and all the supplies you need in the shed. You will figure it out...hundreds of people have already done so! For those who are too busy to pick or would rather not, I usually have some bouquets to go in the shed, as well as a selection of vases for sale.


4 thoughts on “U-Pick

  1. I was referred to you by a downstate florist. We are putting together the flowers for a simply family wedding. SImple doesn't apply to flower I guess because we still have corsages and boutonnieres in addition to the brides bouquet and attendants.

    For flowers needed at the wedding on July 11 (3 pm), can we pick flowers the day before? We can bring coolers etc.
    Do you have sufficient flowers to do this and, last, do you have flowers (projected) for that time that would be blue? The other wedding colors are yellow and white so we should be safe there.

    Thank you!
    Mother of the groom

  2. I love the self-serve min-cottage, flower shed. You can pick a bouquet, arrange it in a vase or (mason jar), add a ribbon and have a fresh, unique hostess gift. It combines "shopping local" with just-picked blooms, and your own creativity. Where else could you get that?

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