Option 1 - They may come in person (along with friends or family) to pick the flowers themselves for later assembly. Bride Sarah and her friends made their own bouquets shown above.


Option 2 - Meet with me or my bouquet maker, Nadine Elmgren, to  order bridal items and table arrangements directly from Omena Cut Flowers.  We can create your bridal and bridesmaid's bouquets, boutonnières and corsages. (See the photos at the bottom of this page for bridal bouquets from June, July and August. We think they are pretty spectacular and so did the brides who carried them!)



Our arrangements are NOT color-themed. They are a beautiful, natural, cottage-style mix of riotous color picked FRESH for YOUR wedding, and can be picked up from our farm shed here in Omena. Depending on the size of the vase and what the bride has in mind, prices will vary accordingly. A consultation is in order to meet your needs and determine pricing.

If you are going to assemble bouquets yourself, I supply scissors, a water source and milk jugs and jars. You might do well to bring your own buckets. I have flower preservative on site as well. If you pick the flowers in the morning or evening and store them in a cool place with preservative, they should hold for a few days. Everything I grow is meant to last a minimum of 5 days in the vase. Of course the closer you pick them to the wedding, the fresher and more beautiful they will be. You may pay by check, made out to Omena Cut Flowers, and leave it in my box. I have pens and notepads in the shed for people to keep track of what they pick. Flowers are priced by the stem and marked by the row.


Regardless of who will be handling the floral arrangements, I suggest that the bride or her florist come out a week or so in advance to see what is blooming, what is about to bloom, and to make a sample bouquet or two. I also suggest that brides have a backup source if there is a particular color, flower or filler that they are after. There is always a large supply to pick from here at Omena Cut Flowers, but it doesn’t hurt to have another place to find an item that might be missing.

If you are going to assemble bouquets yourself, I supply scissors, a water source and milk jugs and jars. You

One thing is for sure.  Flower picking in the fields here beside Omena Bay can soothe everyone’s nerves before a wedding, and becomes a cherished part of one’s wedding memories.  I have had couples leave a note in my guestbook, telling me they had picked their wedding flowers here in Omena the previous summer, how much it meant to them then and that they were now back, celebrating their anniversary!  I highly recommend you bring a camera and share your photos with me!


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